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02nd Aug 2017

WATCH: This short animated film about a boy’s first crush is an attack on your tear-ducts

All of the emotions.

Orlaith Condon

We’re not crying. YOU’RE CRYING.

Two days after its release, this animated short film has gone viral for its touching story about a boy’s first crush.

In a Heartbeat tells the story of a teenage boy who develops a crush on his fellow classmate.

His feelings are so intense, it makes his heart burst from his chest – literally.

In a bid to keep his feelings a secret, the teen does his best to control his heart before his crush finds out.

In the two days since it was uploaded, the video has been watched over 5.7 million times and has received huge praise from viewers worldwide.

Many have taken to Twitter to share praise for the short film, including the likes of Human Rights Campaign.

Clip via In a Heartbeat Animated Short Film

The short’s main characters have even inspired many artists to share their own illustrations of them online.

We can’t draw, but we can gif better than most…

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