The most entertaining blockbuster of 2021 is now available to watch at home 1 month ago

The most entertaining blockbuster of 2021 is now available to watch at home

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Your evening viewing is now officially sorted!

One of the few summer blockbusters to actually break through at the box office despite the, y'know, pandemic still very much being a thing, Free Guy stands as one of 2021's best cinematic successes.


Under normal circumstances, a global cume of $318 million might not be seen as being all that great for a massive Hollywood movie, but by 2021 standards, it stands as the seventh-biggest hit of 2021 so far.

It was also a solid hit with the critics, with a more-than-decent 80% on Rotten Tomatoes, and we even called it "the most purely fun blockbuster we've seen this summer" in our own review.

If you have seen the movie already on the big screen, then no doubt you'll want to watch it again, if not just because of the HUGE celebrity cameo, who unexpectedly steals the show.

We chatted to the movie's director Shawn Levy about that top-secret surprise here:

But if you haven't seen Free Guy, then the premise is pretty simple:

Guy (Ryan Reynolds) comes to discover that he is a character in a video game, and while trying to escape the game he's a part of, he starts to develop feelings for another in-game character (Jodie Comer), without realising that she is actually being controlled by a player in the real world.


Meanwhile, the creator of the video game (Taika Waititi) has plans to delete it completely ahead of the arrival of the sequel in an attempt to up sales, but this would result in the complete destruction of Guy and all of his fellow characters in the game's world.

It is very funny, very clever, full of great set-pieces, and shows off Reynolds and Comer with their charm firing on all cylinders.

Free Guy is available to watch from today (Wednesday, 29 September) on Disney+.

Clip via 20th Century Studios


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