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14th Nov 2018

Even more people watched part two of Whistleblower: The Maurice McCabe Story

Alan Loughnane

Maurice McCabe documentary

One of the biggest scandals in recent memory.

My friend messaged me after watching part one of Whistleblower: The Maurice McCabe Story and said: “It’s so good, you should watch it. I didn’t know half of what was going on.”

A lot of people are likely to have a similar feeling after watching the documentary.

We saw following the first part on Monday that it was being watched by the masses, when RTÉ revealed the viewing figures, and they were simply staggering.

But, Tuesday night’s concluding episode of Whistleblower: The Maurice McCabe Story was watched on RTÉ One by an even larger audience of 555,000 (average) with a 44% share.

And, as we wrote earlier, there was a big reaction to it as well.

McCabe found himself at the centre of a national scandal when he was targeted by unfounded allegations by powerful Gardaí after he tried to expose corruption within the force.

The Whistleblower documentary, which is presented by journalist Katie Hannon, is the first time and McCabe and his wife Lorraine have sat down to tell their side of the story to the public.

It’s available to watch on the RTÉ Player if you missed it on Monday and Tuesday.