Fantastic Brazilian films No. 4 – The Myth Of Garrincha 9 years ago

Fantastic Brazilian films No. 4 – The Myth Of Garrincha

With the World Cup in Brazil now in full swing, JOE brings you the fourth in our series of Brazilliant Brazilian films...

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Brazilian sign off

Brazil is known the world over for many wonderful things; its fantastic footballing stars, its magnificent must-see attractions and the fact that it is jam-packed full of bountiful, beautiful Brazilian babes.

Just like Ireland then so... *ugly tumbleweed rolls past*

In the build up to World Cup 2014 in Brazil, JOE has been bringing you the best of all that the super Samba-loving country has to offer and this week it’s the turn of the country’s finest film exports.


And don’t tell us that you’re one of those muppets who won’t watch films because they’ve got subtitles on the screen. “If I wanted to read JOE then I’d read a book JOE, y’know what I mean JOE?”

Cool. Well, you’re missing out if that is the case because over the next week, we're bringing you five Brazilliant Brazilian films that you really should check out. Our first three chosen films were the superb Cidade De Deus (City Of God) and the excellent Elite Squad, and its super sequel, Elite Squad: The Enemy Within.

Today though, it's time to focus on one of the stars of that fantastic footballing tradition we mentioned earlier... Manuel Francisco dos Santos AKA Garrincha.

The Myth Of Garrincha – 2014


Plot’s It All About?

US broadcaster ESPN has, for the past five years, been responsible for producing some excellent sports documentaries, many of which have since become firm favourites here at JOE HQ. One of the most recent sporting docs focuses on none other than Brazilian footballing great, the bandy-legged legend known as Garrincha.

Garrincha, who is regarded by many as one of the greatest footballers to have ever played the beautiful game, lived an incredible life before he died in 1983 and, under the direction of Marcos Horacio Azevedo, this fascinating true tale is almost better than any fictional script that Hollywood could ever dream of thinking up.

Why JOE loves it so much:


As well as having a series of brilliant nicknames – Alegria do Povo (Joy of the People) and Anjo de Pernas Tortas (Angel with Bent Legs) – Garrincha, who was told as a child that he wouldn't be able to physically play football, manged to win the World Cup twice (in 1958 and 1962) and, at the '62 competition, received the Golden Ball for player of the tournament, the Golden Boot as leading goalscorer, and was named in the World Cup All-Star Team.

Plus, just watching his incredible skill on the pitch kind of reminds JOE of us in our younger days...

And finally, fact fans, when fielding both Garrincha and Pelé, Brazil never lost a football match. What an incredible statistic.


Check it out or, as the Brazilians say (we think), "Dê uma olhada"


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