WATCH: 21 years after his memorable Father Ted cameo, Father Damo Lennon is back 3 years ago

WATCH: 21 years after his memorable Father Ted cameo, Father Damo Lennon is back

No sign of Frosty on this occasion, we’re afraid.

Of all the memorable secondary characters in Father Ted, we’re pretty sure that Father Damo Lennon, portrayed by Joe Rooney, ranks as one of the best to ever grace one of the best comedies ever made.

A loutish brat who brought out the rebel in Father Dougal Maguire, some of the one-liners delivered by Father Damo when the ‘Old Grey Whistle Theft’ episode was broadcast over two decades ago still roll off the tongue today.

“I’ll be in in a min-eh.”

“Who do you prefer, Oasis or Blur?”

Damo: "Did you tell him I'm having dinner here?" Ted: "Eh, yes." Damo: "Well, tell him to feck off then.”

Clip via Channel 4

Fans of Father Ted and of the Father Damo character will be glad to know that he’s back, as the star of a new music video for Longford band Brave Giant for their single ‘The Time I Met The Devil’, which they performed for the first time on The Late Late Show last Friday.

Directed by Fergal Costello, the video catches up with Father Damo 20 years on from his encounter with Ted and Dougal on Craggy Island as he attempts to come to terms with the aftermath of massive session.

We doubt he was saying he didn’t want any tea after this.

Clip via Brave Giant

Brave Giant, you might remember, went viral last year with a spectacular mashup of Bob Marley and Daft Punk performed in a moving car.

They were also the winners of the Le Crunch Apple of My Eye Song Contest in 2016 and at the start of this year, we caught up with guitarist Podge Gill to see what the future holds for the five-piece.

Check out the interview in full here.