Father Ted creator finally settles the mystery over Mrs Doyle's actual name 2 years ago

Father Ted creator finally settles the mystery over Mrs Doyle's actual name

Ride me sideways because we have an answer.

There can't be any discussion about the mystery surrounding Mrs Doyle's name without mentioning one of her most iconic scenes. You know what were talking about. NO CLUES!


Throughout the history of Father Ted, one of the best running gags has been the fact that absolutely nobody knows the first name of Craggy Island's most beloved housekeeper.

Much like Maris in Frasier, or 'ugly naked guy' in Friends, the co-creators of Father Ted, Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews, were committed to keeping that gag going - the closest we got was during that scene when Ted and Dougal were in the police station - and after racking our brains, we'll give it a go.

Mrs. Andrea Doyle,
Mrs. Deirdre Doyle,
Mrs. Georgie Doyle,
Mrs. Delilah Doyle,
Mrs. Dawn Doyle,
Mrs. Katherine Doyle,
Mrs. Nell Doyle,
Mrs. Karen Doyle,
Mrs. Ciara Doyle,
Mrs. Bigbigging Doyle,
Mrs. Hank Tree Doyle,
Mrs. Hiroshima Doyle,
Mrs. Stig Bubblecard Doyle,
Mrs. Gemma Hellzapoppin’ Doyle
Mrs,Chewy Louie Doyle,
Mrs. Hairycake Linehan Doyle,
Mrs. Rebulah Conundrum Doyle,
Mrs. Peewee Stairmaster Doyle,
Mrs. Jemima Racktool Doyle,
Mrs. Spodo Komodo Doyle,
Mrs. Cannabranna Lammer Doyle,

Mrs. Joan Doyle.


During a conversation with Mario Rosenstock on Today FM, Arthur Matthews has officially confirmed that Mrs Doyle's first name is Joan.

Throughout the show, Mrs Doyle's first name is never revealed, however, in the official script book her first name is given as Joan and now you have confirmation, right from the co-creator himself.


Any excuse to hear Mrs Doyle cursing is always welcome.

Clip via Channel 4