FEATURE: 11 great actors and the 11 worst films they have starred in 5 years ago

FEATURE: 11 great actors and the 11 worst films they have starred in

Suppose they all need to pay the bills somehow.

We don't know if we'll ever be able to forgive Robert De Niro for Dirty Grandpa. Weeks after its release, it's still stinking up several local cinemas and making us wonder if it's starring the same man who made Taxi Driver, The Godfather Part II, GoodFellas and Raging Bull.


A great actor he may be, but he has a long recent history of starring in some awful, awful sh*te, but Dirty Grandpa is the nadir of some very dodgy career choices.


He's not alone. Some of the greatest actors of the last 20 years have lined their pockets with some awful crud too.

Johnny Depp - Worst Movie: The Lone Ranger

Depp playing dress-up just that once too often...


Brad Pitt - Worst Movie: The Counselor

How can something starring Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, and directed by Ridley Scott, turn into such a convoluted and disjointed mess?


George Clooney - Worst Movie: Batman & Robin


Gorgeous George has come a long way (unless you count The Monuments Men) since this muck came out. Ice To Meet You indeed.

Al Pacino - Worst Movie: Jack and Jill

Playing the romantic interest of a cross-dressing Adam Sandler was never going to hit the heights of Dog Day Afternoon (or even The Recruit).


Sean Penn - Worst Movie: Gangster Squad

Bad writing, underdeveloped characters and unnecessary violence. And they were the kinder reviews. Sean Penn hamming it up was one of the movie's low points.



Robert Downey Jr. - Worst Movie: The Judge

A TV movie that somehow managed to attract the world's most sought-after actor, and Tom Hagen from The Godfather. Poor.

Russell Crowe - Worst Movie: Proof of Life

If you're ever watching a film and you start wondering if it'd be better craic to load the dishwasher and do some hoovering instead, you're probably watching Proof of Life.

Daniel Day-Lewis - Worst Movie: Nine

Not terrible, by any means, but Daniel Day-Lewis just does not make bad films (unless you count Gangs of New York, which is worth watching for his Bill the Butcher alone).

Jack Nicholson - Worst Movie: Anger Management

It was this or Something's Gotta Give; then we took one look at Adam Sandler's face and that was that.

Leonardo DiCaprio - Worst Movie: Critters 3

In his defence, he was just a pup.