We finally have a release date for Season 2 of Westworld... kind of 10 months ago

We finally have a release date for Season 2 of Westworld... kind of

Everyone involved has been incredibly secretive about what to expect. And when to expect it.

It has been all quiet on the Westworld front.

Following on from the hugely successful - and, to be honest, kind of brilliant - first season, fans have been waiting since 2016 for the follow up, and there has been no real confirmation of when that might be.

A few months back, the Westworld website glitched out, and a creepy repeating message popped up, coming from someone who was trapped within the park itself.

Not long after that, we got our first teaser trailer for the new season, showing that things are about to go from bad to worse for any humans caught behind the walls.

Clip via New Trailer Buzz

Again, not much in the way of information, and all anyone would say about the release was "Spring 2018".

Well, as we now head into that season and that year, we still have no real idea of when to expect the show's return.

At least, we didn't, until one of the show's stars Jeffrey Wright posted this on Instagram...

Almost immediately afterwards, Wright edited the post and replaced the words "in April" with "this Spring", going back to the vague date we had already.

So was it a genuine mistyping, or did he drop some previously unannounced details?

Hopefully we'll find out soon enough, especially since another of the show's stars James Marsden has been saying some really exciting things about the new season to Entertainment Weekly:

"You will not be disappointed. The world that we created will be completely expanded upon, and the themes and the philosophies will all be taken to the next degree. The one thing I can say is that it just feels so much bigger this year. There’s a bigger cast, we’re shooting sometimes three units at once, whereas the first season it was always just one unit so the scope of the whole thing has definitely grown."

April Spring can't come soon enough.