This week's episode of Finné tells the harrowing story of The Hooded Men 10 months ago

This week's episode of Finné tells the harrowing story of The Hooded Men

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After being interned without trial during The Troubles, Francie McGuigan and Liam Shannon were among 14 men who became known as The Hooded Men.

There is only so much you can really take from listening to a news report or reading an article. While stories such as that of The Hooded Men are ones many of us have heard in the past, it's not until you've heard it from the source that you really understand how awful if must have been.

Seven days in total darkness, with a hood over your head. To try imagine something like that is next to impossible, which is why hearing it first-hand from those who experienced it is so important.

Airing on Wednesday, 6 November at 9.30pm is the seventh episode of Finné, the sensational documentary series from TG4. Telling no-holds-barred stories from people all over the world Francie McGuigan and Liam Shannon tell their own first-hand experiences of being interned during The Troubles.

After being captured, they had hoods put on their heads as they were beaten and tortured for seven long days. The Hooden Men suffered long-term psychological damage and they are still seeking justice today. This is Francie and Liam's story.

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