First Dates Ireland man captured the hearts of the nation on Thursday 4 years ago

First Dates Ireland man captured the hearts of the nation on Thursday

The watching audience was struck by him.

Thursday nights are a lot more entertaining when First Dates Ireland is on the TV, whether you like to laugh, cringe or cry your way through the show.


The thing about watching the Irish version, is the very real chance that you will know, or know someone who knows one of the contestants(?) on the show.

It really adds to the episode.

As the dust settles on Thursday night's episode of First Dates Ireland, there was one person and one moment in particular which stood out in our minds and seemed to strike a chord with viewers at home.


18-year-old Tadhg Griffin from Carlow managed to capture the hearts of the public when he was paired up with Zack, also 18, from Offaly.

Griffin told his date that he had never had a relationship and when asked on the show if he gets lonely, he said: "Yeah, I do. It usually just happens after a night out.

"You just get in such a pit of loneliness and you're like, 'Oh my God like, geuinely am I worth anything like'.


He continued to say to his date Zack: "Your friends are over there on the dance floor and shifting whoever they want and you’re like, 'I got dressed up today, does no one appreciate this?'"

He said: "It’s hard to say, and it’s not possible all the time to say, that I’m proud to be gay.

"It’s not possible because there are moments where you’re like, 'Why?'


"I am proud of who I am, I’m really proud of my personality and I’m proud of being gay but it’s not the main thing about me.

"Me as a person, Tadhg, is who I am."

People watching at home were blown away.


Tadhg and Zack hit it off too and agreed to go on a second date, but sadly, it was revealed at the end that it didn't quite happen.

Oh well...