First Dates Ireland are still looking for single people to take part in the show 4 years ago

First Dates Ireland are still looking for single people to take part in the show

If you know anyone that's single...

What would make you more nervous, answering questions about yourself on a sheet of paper, or in a face-to-face conversation?


Well, if you've got the gift of the gab and have a few minutes to spare, you'll be pleased to know that the producers of First Dates Ireland are still looking for contestants to take part in the next season of the beloved show.

Oh yeah, if you're going on the show, it's probably a good idea to be single. Christ, imagine someone showing up that's married?

Now that would be an interesting dinner date!

Anyway, after another brilliant season in the restaurant, COCO TV are looking to help a few singletons find love.


In fact, they've put out another cupid call to help those people that are looking for love.

In terms of the dating criteria that's required, they're searching for any single person that's aged between 20- 70 and a permanent legal resident in Ireland.



And as we've said here before, the real strength of First Dates lies in the philosophy of prioritising the humanity of its guests. All of them.

Since arriving on Irish TV, First Dates has consistently provided us with plenty of entertainment, but it's the moments that pull at your heartstrings that really resonate .

If you know anyone who thinks they'd be an instant hit on the show (maybe even yourself), they're in luck.


More information can be found here and the best of luck with the application.

Who knows? We could be seeing your face on the TV very soon.