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13th Aug 2022

A first look at one of this year’s major award-winning movies has been released

Stephen Porzio

Starring Woody Harrelson, the dark comedy took home the top prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

A first trailer has hit the web for Triangle of Sadness, the movie which won the top award at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and could be a future Oscar nominee.

Written and directed by Swedish filmmaker Ruben Östlund (the acclaimed Force Majeure and The Square), the film is his English-language debut and boasts an international cast that includes Charlbi Dean (Black Lightning), Harris Dickinson (The King’s Man) and Woody Harrelson (True Detective).

Described as a satirical dark comedy, it centres on two fashion models in a relationship named Carl and Yaya (Dickinson and Dean) who are invited on a luxury cruise being run by a Marxist captain (Harrelson) alongside a rogues’ gallery of super-rich passengers.

“At first, all appears Instagrammable. But a storm is brewing, and heavy seasickness hits the passengers during the seven-course captain’s dinner,” the plot synopsis reads.

“The cruise ends catastrophically. Carl and Yaya find themselves marooned on a desert island with a group of billionaires and one of the ship’s cleaners.

“Hierarchy is suddenly flipped upside down, as the housekeeper is the only one who knows how to fish.”

Having been praised for its critiques of capitalism and the uber-rich after its Cannes premiere, Triangle of Sadness is set for an Irish release on 28 October.

You can check out its trailer below.

Clip via Neon

Earlier in the week, JOE covered the trailer for the upcoming documentary series House of Hammer in a separate article here.

Meanwhile, here are some of the other big teasers that were released in the past seven days in the world of film and TV.

Bones and All

Starting off with movies, Taylor Russell and Timothée Chalamet star in this romance horror from filmmaker Luca Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name) that has not got an Irish release date yet but will premiere at the Venice Film Festival next month.

Catherine Called Birdy

Clip via Prime Video

Lena Dunham, creator and star of HBO’s Girls, directs this coming-of-age comedy about a teenage girl in medieval England that arrives on Amazon Prime Video on 7 October.

Do Revenge

Clip via Netflix

This Netflix dark comedy about two teenagers (Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke) who team up to go after each other’s tormentors lands on the streamer on 16 September.


Clip via Warner Bros. UK & Ireland

Sex Education’s Emma Mackey is Wuthering Heights author Emily Brontë in this biopic out in cinemas on 14 October.

The Menu

Clip via SearchlightPictures

Out in cinemas on 18 November, this horror centres on a couple (Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult) that travels to a coastal island to eat at an exclusive restaurant where the chef (Ralph Fiennes) has prepared a lavish menu, with some shocking surprises.

The Next 365 Days

Clip via Netflix

The third in Netflix’s controversial and critically panned erotic thriller franchise lands on the streamer on 19 August.


Clip via IFC Films

This sci-fi about a teenager girl struggling to survive after the collapse of Earth’s ecosystem does not have an Irish release date yet but is out in the US on 30 September.


Clip via Netflix

Moving onto TV, this new Netflix series about two teenage best friends who build one of the largest fake ID empires in North America comes out on 2 September.

Rick and Morty Season 6

Clip via Adult Swim

This much-loved adult animated sci-fi comedy returns for its sixth season on 5 September on E4.

Wedding Season

Clip via Disney Plus UK & Ireland

After various attendees at a wedding are fatally poisoned, the man (Gavin Drea) that the bride (Rosa Salazar) was having an affair with tries to clear his name in this rom-com action thriller premiering on Disney+ on 8 September.

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