One of the best shows of the last year is finally available to watch in Ireland 7 months ago

One of the best shows of the last year is finally available to watch in Ireland

And as it is a mini-series, you only have to invest your time into this one season.

Does anything bring audiences closer together than a good mystery? Be they big, world-altering mysteries like in Lost or Severance, or closer to home mysteries like Big Little Lies or Mare Of Easttown, we love to speculate and guess and see if we can outwit the writers of our new televisual obsession.


To that end, we fully endorse checking out Fleishman Is In Trouble, which aired in the States back in November and December 2022, and is finally available to stream in Ireland and the UK as of this week.

It tells the story of Dr. Toby Fleishman (played by Jesse Eisenberg), who is recently divorced and beginning to enjoy his new single life via dating apps, when his ex-wife Rachel (Claire Danes) suddenly disappears, leaving him with their kids. Along with a new promotion at work while trying to juggle his kids and his new, much-busier sex life, he realises he may need to delve into his failed marriage if he is ever to discover what happened to his ex-wife.

Also starring Lizzy Kaplan, Adam Brody and Christian Slater, the mini-series became a major water-cooler show when it initially aired in the US at the end of last year.


Upon release, the critics who caught it early in the States absolutely lapped it up:

San Francisco Chronicle - "Fleishman ultimately, deceptively, has the depth of a great novel that needs to be read to the last page. Every episode is better than the one that came before."

Consequence - "The series doesn’t end with answers or cures to the problems it deals with, just as it doesn’t fall into the trap of categorizing different characters as heroes or villains. It does, however, end with a truly human portrayal of life’s hardest moments, beckoning viewers to remain empathetic even with those who have caused them their greatest pain."

A.V. Club - "Fleishman Is In Trouble is a sharp, fierce, and funny adaptation of a truly great novel."


The Playlist - "Some will never get past the sense that these are spoiled, privileged people complaining about having too much sex, money, and opportunities that they blow. That’s understandable, but there is still heartbreak and relatable, universal drama beneath that privileged veneer. In fact, it’s when people start to question the value of all of those hollow things that are supposed to produce happiness that truth can be found. Even if they have to go through trouble first."

All eight episodes of Fleishman Is In Trouble arrive on Disney+ (in Ireland and the UK) on Wednesday, 22 February.

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