The Flight Attendant Season Two is just as funny, smart and mysterious as the first season 1 month ago

The Flight Attendant Season Two is just as funny, smart and mysterious as the first season

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Time to take to the skies again!


When the first season of The Flight Attendant arrived in Ireland via the NOW Entertainment Membership, we consumed it as quickly as we could.

A funny, sexy, smart and mystery thriller set around an air hostess Cassandra (Kaley Cuoco) trying to figure out the circumstances surrounding the death of a man she had a one-night stand with, while also battling her own personal demons... it was very funny when it needed to be, but also nailed home the pathos when required, too.

The ending of that first season set things up perfectly for where to take Cuoco's character next, and this week we'll get to see what kind of trouble Cassandra lands herself in next.

And we no longer have to wait to find out, as the second season arrives in Ireland this week...


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The second season aired for critics in the States, and they've been absolutely overflowing with compliments for the show's return, claiming it to be just as good as the massively entertaining first season:

IndieWire - "The Flight Attendant, like its heroine, reinvents itself in Season 2. The story is streamlined to focus more on Cassie’s own personal development. This might turn off those who enjoyed what Season 1 laid out, but if you’ve enjoyed the characters this far you’ll continue to love Cuoco and company as they try to become adults."


Daily Beast - "This is, again, a fun mystery show, and it's sexy and hilarious and does those elements - the le Carré-esque mystery filtered through the batty millennial lens - really, really well. But to have the confidence to tread into those human waters, and not somehow feel pandering or patronising, is so impressive."

Consequence - "Put fears to rest that this is an unnecessary extension of what could’ve been a wonderful mini-series, as networks are often known to create - this is some gripping television, expanding on a story while honouring its starting point."

Variety - "Cuoco’s proven adept at navigating the hairpin turns in tone that The Flight Attendant can take, and the same holds true for her depictions of each new Cassie that ends up haunting the show. Making viewers live on the knife’s edge alongside her every fraught choice can be exhausting, but it’s also what The Flight Attendant does best."

All eight episodes of the second season of The Flight Attendant are available to watch with a NOW Entertainment Membership from Thursday, 26 May.


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