Apple to begin production on biggest TV show ever produced in Ireland 3 years ago

Apple to begin production on biggest TV show ever produced in Ireland

Yep, bigger than Game of Thrones.

Screen Ireland launched its 2020 slate of forthcoming productions on Friday, with over 40 television, film and animation projects in the works.


Among them; Foundation - a brand new Apple original drama with Jared Harris (recently seen being brilliant in HBO's Chernobyl) and Lee Pace (who you may remember as Ronan the Accuser in the MCU) that is set to become the largest-scale production in Irish history.

David S. Goyer (Blade, Batman Begins) will serve as both showrunner and executive producer, while Skydance Television will produce.

Irish company Wild Atlantic Pictures will lead the production, having previously delivered the likes of Black 47 and The Hole in the Ground.

Over 500 production jobs will be created as a result. According to Screen Ireland, several training initiatives are already underway in Limerick - where shooting will commence at Troy Studios - for new entrants into the industry, while Irish talent will be involved behind the scenes.


As for what Foundation is all about? The 10-episode show will chronicle the epic saga of The Foundation; "a band of exiles who discover that the only way to save the Galactic Empire from destruction is to defy it".

If that wasn't enough dystopian sci-fi flavour for you, Foundation is based on Isaac Asimov's novel series of the same name.

Foundation is set to begin production this year.