BBC confirms the return of Frozen Planet and Planet Earth 2 years ago

BBC confirms the return of Frozen Planet and Planet Earth

Absolutely epic.

It's difficult to imagine a nature show without the dulcet tones of David Attenborough, given that the 92-year-old broadcaster has been such a powerful fixture when it comes to depicting natural history.


Of course, one day, we will have to do just that, but he really has set the bar for this kind of thing, something that you expect the BBC are well aware of with Friday's announcement that we can all look forward to new episodes of both Frozen Planet and Planet Earth in the near future.

Airing in 2021, the six-part Frozen Planet II will take audiences to the wilderness of the Arctic and Antarctica 10 years on from the original Frozen Planet.

The show will tell the complete story of the entire frozen quarter of the planet that is locked in ice and blanketed in snow.

Across eight episodes, Planet Earth III will follow in 2022 as "the most ambitious natural history landmark ever undertaken" by the BBC, promising a combination of all of Attenborough's previous genuinely awesome undertakings to date.

“The BBC is world famous for its natural history programming and these new series will raise the bar even higher," said Charlotte Moore, BBC Director of Content.

"We know that audiences want shows that bring them the richest narratives, the best camerawork and the highest quality production values and they look to us to deliver this.

"Viewers around the globe have been captivated by the incredible stories that the Planets series have told and now new technology allow us to explore even more of the natural world than ever before."


Start counting the days, essentially...