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22nd Jan 2014

Gallery: Classic cartoons from your childhood get some fancy new logos

They don't make them like they used to. But if they did, they'd look like this


They don’t make them like they used to. But if they did, they’d look like this

We all have fond memories of watching some of these cartoons from our childhoods, from He-Man to The Turtles, it really was some fantastic television, and even now as adults we can still enjoy them on a Saturday morning over breakfast in our dressing gown in front of the box. What? Everyone does that, right?

Anyway, one man who has a similar passion for these old school shows is Craig Minchington, who decided that he’d give their old logos a bit of a spruce up, and give them a new lease of life, as if they had been made more recently with fancy 3D technology.

On his Behance page, Craig stated that he doesn’t really have an end goal for the project, but that he wanted to learn a little bit more about 3D imaging and decided to apply it to something he loved to keep himself interested. If you think they look slick (we do) then you can head to his page and let him know.

Hat-tip to Shortlist for this one

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