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WATCH: Game of Thrones cast rapping Ice Ice Baby is the best thing you'll see all day
Because anything less than the best is a felony.

Game of Thrones fans will love this!

When George R.R Martin originally met publishers to pitch the Game of Thrones novels, we're not entirely sure if his saga was called 'A Song of Fire and Ice Ice Baby'. We can only hope.

Given that there's a plethora of bastards in Westeros, it's highly unlikely that Jon Snow would ever start rapping "word to your mother!", but this excellent mashup is the closest thing that you'll get to seeing your favourite characters spit bars.

Granted, we all know that the King in the North is a bit of a gloomy sod, but there's no denying that he has some decent rap skills because he kicks things off here in style.

As for Varys, well, he sounds like the poshest MC of all time.

This being said, the lines that Littlefinger and The Hound deliver are so s**t scary that you'll never think of the '90s classic in the same way again.

Regarding Daenerys, would you say that she's on fire?


Have a listen and see for yourself.

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