Game Of Thrones movie reportedly in development 5 months ago

Game Of Thrones movie reportedly in development

The movie will apparently then lead into a new Game Of Thrones TV series.

Outside of House Of The Dragon, which obviously proved to be massively popular upon its release in August last year, there have been a lot of conversations around further expansions within this universe, with a potential Game Of Thrones movie and additional shows.


Already, an entire pilot for another show, fronted by two-time Oscar-nominee Naomi Watts, was filmed and then ultimately scrapped, apparently deemed not good enough to be moved forward with.

However, Variety are reporting that HBO and Warner Bros. are now moving forward with a new Game Of Throne project, which would take place over 100 years before the events of House Of The Dragon, which itself takes place over 200 years before the events of Game Of Thrones.

As per their report, this project would focus on Aegon I Targaryen and his rule over Westeros. From the historical fiction provided by George R. R. Martin, Aegon I and his sister-wives Visenya and Rhaenys used their massive army and three dragons to conquer six of the seven kingdoms of Westeros, with all but Dorne falling to their rule.

This made Aegon I the first king of Westeros, the de facto creator of the Iron Throne (and the first to sit on it), and the founder of the Westeros Dynasty. Even more interestingly, Variety reports that the events of this Game Of Thrones movie will then lead directly into a new series, which will air on HBO in the States, and most likely on Sky/NOW in Ireland and the UK.


HBO and co-producers Warner Bros. have yet to give an official statement on this Game Of Thrones movie or new season. In the meantime, House Of The Dragon season two is currently in production, expected to debut in summer 2024, and will consist of eight episodes, two less than the first season.

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