Game of Thrones star discusses one of the most popular fan theories around 4 years ago

Game of Thrones star discusses one of the most popular fan theories around

Very cool.

In the name of House JOE, we say 'Spoilers are Coming.'


Throw enough dragon fire on something and it will burn.

That's basically the premise when it comes to Game of Thrones fan theories but that's what makes the show so much fun, all that foreshadowing and mystery. Truth be told, it's a huge reason why Thrones fans absolutely adore George R.R. Martin's work.

In recent weeks, we've been treated to some absolute humdingers like this one about Daenerys' visions at the House of the Undying, the potential of Dany being betrayed, Littlefinger's scroll and the Night King's origin, but as cool as they are, one truth remains.


They're theories, not facts.

This being said, Joe Dempsie (Gendry) was happy to talk with Huffington Post about two theories in particular, one is a very strong one and the other is more flawed.

During the interview, the actor did admit that the showrunners, Benioff and Weiss, like to give "a couple of little nods to fan theories or things that people seem to want to happen." This being said, fans lost the run of themselves during the latest talk about Lady Stoneheart making an appearance.

As we stated previously, some fans think they spotted the ghost of Catelyn Stark during the recent sparring scene between Arya and Brienne at Winterfell.


Granted, in the novels, Catelyn Stark does come back from the grave and adopts the persona of Lady Stoneheart, but it's highly unlikely that she actually featured in the scene below.

Still though, Dempsie has offered his views on that recent theory.

“They might well have done that. I know that is a strand of the story that is present in the books whose absence from the TV series thus far has been something people are a little bit put out by. As we said before, they seem to be more willing to put these little nods in, these little crowd pleasing moments into the show here and there.  I think it’d be great. Lady Stoneheart’s an incredible character, and if we’d see her at some point, that’d be fantastic.” he said.

Truth be told, we don't have high hopes for that theory being true, but another one which revolves around Gendry sounds far more plausible.


Game of Thrones fansite Winter Is Coming proposed the idea that Gendry's return will revive House Baratheon and cause further complications regarding the Iron Throne.

In the first season, there's a scene where Cersei describes her first-born son who died shortly after birth. She says that he's a ‘black-haired beauty’ that died from a fever. We're told that this child looks exactly like her husband, Robert Baratheon, and that Cersei refused to visit the crypt or talk about him, due to grief.

In the show, Ned Stark and Stannis Baratheon have also commented on the fact that Gendry has a strong physical resemblance to Robert.

In the series, we're told that Robert was never present during the birth of 'his' three children with Cersei - Joffrey, Tommen and Myrcella are really Jaime's though.

"Whenever my time was near, my royal husband would flee to the trees with his huntsmen and his hounds. And when he returned, he would present me with some pelts or a stag’s head, and I would present him with a baby," Cersei said.

Given the fractured relationship that she had with her husband, it's entirely possible that Cersei switched her living baby for a deceased one - perhaps with the help of Maester Pycelle or someone in her inner circle?

Another development which supports this theory is the fact that Gendry managed to secure an apprenticeship with the most prestigious armorer in King’s Landing, Master Mott.

We're told that a "mysterious man paid him double the customary apprentice fee" to take Gendry on. Mmm.

There's one massive flaw with this theory though and it revolves around Maggy the Frog’s prophecy which states that Cersei would have only 3 children, meaning Gendry - and the child that Cersei is currently pregnant with - would be breaking that rule.

This being said, Dempsie has said that the idea he's Cersei's secret son is something that he "really hope we get to explore a little bit down the line."

“As far as Gendry is concerned, the big unanswered question is who is his mother, and I think the Cersei theory really blows so much out of the water. Just because the political implications that Gendry would bring to the show and being acquainted with people that are sort of involved with this power struggle. It’d be really interesting, I think, a really interesting aspect, and something that I really hope we get to explore a little bit down the line," he said.

We shall wait and see.