Game Of Thrones' best writer has been hired to work on The Lord Of The Rings show 2 years ago

Game Of Thrones' best writer has been hired to work on The Lord Of The Rings show

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The most expensive TV show ever just got one of the best writers in the game.


It is over.

We need to deal with that.

Sure, we've got prequels and spin-offs, but essentially, Game Of Thrones is over, and we have to make our peace with that.

While it was a bit of a rollercoaster in quality towards the end, one of the reasons why we got as many good episodes we did is due to writer and producer Bryan Cogman.

He was the guy behind hugely memorable episodes like 'Kissed By Fire', 'Oathkeeper', 'Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken', and 'The Laws Of Gods And Men', to name just a few.

Originally, Cogman had been lined up to run one of the GOT prequel shows, but he recently confirmed that HBO had decided not to move forward with his project.

Instead, Variety are reporting that Cogman will be moving on to another, even bigger fantasy war show, as Amazon have hired him as a consultant on their Lord Of The Rings show.


As we've previously reported, the new LOTR show - which has already cost $250 million to purchase the rights to, making it the most expensive TV show in history, even before a single scene has been filmed - will actually take place around 900 years before Aragorn and company were even born.

If you're going to get anyone to take care of your epic mystical show, then Cogman should be the guy to go to.

Meanwhile, the GOT showrunners Benioff and Weiss are heading off to a galaxy far, far away...