Ryan Tubridy shares details of Gay Byrne tribute on tonight's Late Late Toy Show 1 year ago

Ryan Tubridy shares details of Gay Byrne tribute on tonight's Late Late Toy Show

Ryan Tubridy has said there's a "tint of sadness" to this year's Toy Show...

Iconic TV presenter Gay Byrne passed away earlier this month at the age of 85.


Ryan Tubridy told Her how there will be tributes to the broadcasting legend "peppered throughout the show" when the Frozen-themed Late Late Toy Show kicks off on Friday night.

"You'll see little moments; there will be tributes to Gay peppered throughout the show. I think that's so important, I mean... he started [The Late Late Toy Show]," he said.

"We'll remember him so well, because we miss him like mad. It makes the show a little different this year, because there's a tint of sadness [to it]. But it's all wrapped up in joy, actually."

He also shared a bit about the history of the Toy Show, and how the holiday extravaganza came to be.

"I mean, Gay started this all through a little shop in Stillorgan called Nimble Fingers; it's still there, it is a beautiful, family run shop," Tubridy said.

"One of the researchers went in [one day] and came back and said, 'I found these gorgeous toys, what do you think?'


"It became a small bit of the show, then it became the Toy Show," he continued, before joking that the broadcaster could "take the blame" for the colourful Christmas jumpers he wears on the show.

More than 200 children from across the country will be participating in the live production, including singers, performers, and toy demonstrators.

From the opening sequence right until the very end of the show, there are a number of amazing surprises and special guest appearances in store.

The Late Late Toy Show will air on RTÉ One tonight - Friday 29 November at 9.35pm