You can now get paid almost €6,000 to watch every episode of The Simpsons 8 months ago

You can now get paid almost €6,000 to watch every episode of The Simpsons

Brb, quitting our jobs.

In a bid to predict the future, a UK-based casino is looking to hire someone for £5,000 – €5,899 – to watch every single episode of The Simpsons from start to finish.


The "Simpsons Series Analyst" position is being marketed by with the hopes of tracking major events in the future.

The job entails watching all 706 episodes of the hit animation show while also marking down crucial events for the future.

Could this finally answer how The Simpsons manages to predict major world events?

The overall fee equates to roughly €7.80 per episode - or around €20 an hour.


The Simpsons has predicted countless events over its 30-year-plus tenure, including the election of Donald Trump, Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox, Lady Gaga's Super Bowl performance, the horse meat scandal and the NSA scandal, to name but a few.

The casino hopes to predict events from 2022 onwards, turning them into modern-day soothsayers.

Besides the cracking salary of the position, they will also cover expenses as well. This includes the subscription to Disney+ and WI-FI bills but it's not clear whether they will cover snack costs.

But should they not pay for numerous bags of popcorn, then don't fear as they will also send you a weekly box of doughnuts in honour of Homer Simpson.


The job itself takes place over eight weeks and applicants should be able to commit to 35 hours a week.

Applications are open until Sunday, 31 October and no prior experience or qualifications are needed to apply. They do, however, insist that a love of the show is vital.

You can find more information here.