GIFS: The most dramatic deaths in Game of Thrones in 8-bit Gif form 9 years ago

GIFS: The most dramatic deaths in Game of Thrones in 8-bit Gif form

These are just great. A little bit gruesome, mind, but still great.

Anticipation is building ahead of the return of Game of Thrones for a fourth season in a little over a month’s time and judging by what we’ve seen to date, we can expect as many thrills and spills in the new season as there has been to date. And deaths. Lots and lots of deaths.


If you haven’t yet reached the end of Season Three, you’ll want to stop reading now because there are spoilers contained below, but Buzzfeed’s Antonia Heslop has put together 8-bit Gifs of some of the best (does not sound a bit harsh?) or most dramatic deaths in the show to date to satisfy the bloodthirsty fans of the show who want to relive them all over again.

Like practically everything in 8-bit form, the results are fantastic and while we have included the top five below, you can check out a whole lot more of them over yonder before steeling yourself for what will likely be many more fatalities to come in the season ahead.

5. Battle at King's Landing



4. Ser Rodrik beheaded


3. Viserys getting a crown



2. Ned Stark's beheading


1. The Red Wedding