Here's the line-up for The Graham Norton Show as a new season kicks off 1 year ago

Here's the line-up for The Graham Norton Show as a new season kicks off

A particularly busy Friday evening for Graham...

Series 30 of The Graham Norton Show gets underway this Friday evening (30 September), as the main man prepares to welcome a clutch of celebrities to his big red sofa.


As it happens, it's quite the night for Norton. Not only will his acclaimed show enjoy a star-studded comeback, he'll also be present as a guest on The Late Late Show, facing off against his Friday night rival Ryan Tubridy.

Back in England, meanwhile, Norton will kick off the new season of his show by welcoming Jamie Lee Curtis – who is also on the Late Late! – ahead of her latest onscreen showdown with Michael Myers in the sure-to-be-bloody Halloween Ends, which hits cinemas in mid-October.

It should be noted that Bohemian Rhapsody man Rami Malek was initially advertised for the show, but his name appears to have disappeared from the latest promotional material. Maybe he'll be there, maybe he won't.

Monty Python icon Eric Idle will definitely pitch up, however, to discuss his recent battle with cancer, while popular actor David Tennant will chat about returning to the West End stage for political production Good.


Lydia West, star of critical hit drama It's a Sin, will shine a light on new BBC thriller Inside Man – not to be confused with the Denzel Washington/Clive Owen/Jodie Foster bank heist movie, which is excellent.

Music comes from the always animated Robbie Williams, who is currently celebrating 25 years of success as a solo artist. Williams will perform current single 'Lost' before sitting down for a chat.

The Graham Norton Show is on BBC One Northern Ireland on Friday at 10.40pm.