Last year's Halloween reboot is getting not one, but two sequels 3 years ago

Last year's Halloween reboot is getting not one, but two sequels

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Jamie Lee Curtis is back on board.

You might remember that the Halloween franchise was kicked into new life last year.


In this writer's opinion, it was a huge, dull, seen-it-all-before disappointment. Jamie Lee Curtis was great in it, but that was really about it.

A pity, and maybe proof that this well is dry, even if it did really well at the box office.

Or perhaps not given Friday's Comic-Con announcement that Michael Myers will rise from the dead yet again to terrorise his family and assorted innocent bystanders.

That's right, we're getting another sequel. Correction, two sequels.


OG director John Carpenter - who worked on the most recent film in a consultant role of sorts, as well as providing a very good score - took to Twitter to share the news:

Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends will arrive on 15 October 2020 and 16 October 2021, respectively.


Despite Halloween 2018 being not all that great, there's still potential here and the news that Jamie Lee Curtis is returning is welcome.

Less appealing is the fact that the same creative team of director David Gordon Green and co-writer Danny McBride are involved.

Hopefully they get the chance to take this thing in a new direction given that the establishing chapter of a trilogy has been laid down.

Carpenter is there in some capacity, too, so at least we're getting great music.


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