The director of The Handmaid's Tale is currently scouting locations in Wicklow 3 years ago

The director of The Handmaid's Tale is currently scouting locations in Wicklow

Ireland has long been a desired destination for movie and television show producers.

Everything from Star Wars to Game Of Thrones have set up stall here in recent years, and despite the relatively small amount of space we actually take up, Hollywood just keeps on coming back and still manages to find new ways to shoot the emerald isle for the big and small screen.

Which brings us to Reed Morano, world-renowned director and cinematographer.

Morano directed several episodes of The Handmaid's Tale, which we reckon is not only the best new show of 2017 so far, but also one of the most important TV shows ever made.

On top of that, Morano also worked on the likes of Martin Scorsese's TV show Vinyl, horror movie The Skeleton Key, and even Beyonce's Lemonade project.

To put it simply, Morano is a big deal, and right now she's in Wicklow, on a "recce". Or a聽reconnaissance, basically on the hunt for somewhere to shoot a new project.


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Now, we already know that The Handmaid's Tale is continuing on in to a second season (beyond the ending of the book that it is based on), and where that might take the story is anyone's guess. Could they be looking for somewhere idyllic to continue the plot in?

More likely still, Morano is currently working on a project titled I Think We're Alone Now, which tells the story of how the apocalypse proves a blessing in disguise for one lucky recluse (played by Game Of Thrones' Peter Dinklage) until a second survivor (Super 8's Elle Fanning) arrives with the threat of companionship.

Either way, looks like Ireland will be home to yet another very interesting project.