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23rd Sep 2013

Happy birthday Karl Pilkington – here are JOE’s favourite KP moments


Eoghan Doherty

Karl Pilkington – the man who started off as a producer on XFM with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant has since gone on to become a phenomenon in his own right on radio, TV and internet.

You know you’re doing something right when your fans have even set up your very own Pilkipedia website, the one stop shop for all your Karl Pilkington needs.

It’s the small man’s 41st birthday today and to mark the occasion JOE decided to pick out some of our favourite ever Karl comedy moments. We’re sure he’d be delighted we did.

Here are just two teeny tiny examples of the man’s genius to get you started…

The appeal of Pilkington is that this is simply just the way he is. There are no airs or graces about him and the end result, whether intentional or unintentional, is more often than not absolutely hilarious.


Here’s a podcast clip where the three friends were discussing the merits of I’m A Celebrity and Karl uttered the now immortal line, “I could eat a knob at night.”

And lo and behold, here is one of the many DJ remixes of I Could Eat Aknob At Night, as requested by Gervais and Merchant.

Excellent work:

We say the “three friends” but it’s more of a ‘they’re definitely laughing at him as opposed to with him’ kind of relationship. Here’s a perfect example of the ‘friendship’ right here:

He does have some great ideas as to how to end world hunger though:

And no Karl Pilkington article would be complete without including some of his world-class podcast Rockbusters:

Pilkington has also worked independently from Gervais and Merchant, including recording a series for Channel 4 called 3 Minute Wonders.

Here are some of Karl’s unique thoughts, “The dodo died out… it was replaced by the chicken.”

It is as the star of the excellent television show An Idiot Abroad, however, that Pilkington has really made a name for himself in recent years and rightly so.

The man is a comedy genius and a reluctant traveller – the perfect combination. Set aside some time for yourself and enjoy An Idiot Abroad. Here’s Karl’s brilliant first meeting with his Series 3 travel partner, Warwick Davis:

There are numerous Karl Pilkington ‘Best Moments’ available on the Internet but, to save you from having to go to the trouble of opening another tab, we’ve got one right here for you.

You’re welcome:

So there you have it, a crackin’ collection of Karl’s comedy. Here at JOE we hope his 41st birthday is better than his 13th anyway…

Happy birthday Karl.

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