Happy Valley viewers blown away by Sarah Lancashire's performance in outstanding series finale 1 month ago

Happy Valley viewers blown away by Sarah Lancashire's performance in outstanding series finale

Spoilers ahead!

Just in case you were in any doubt about Sarah Lancashire's acting talents.


Millions came to a halt on Sunday night for roughly 70 minutes as they sat down for the finale of Happy Valley.

After three seasons spread over eight years, fans of the series said a fond farewell to Sarah Lancashire's Catherine Cawood, James Norton's fantastically vile Tommy Lee Royce and, of course, our Ryan.

The closing episode saw everything come to a head for Catherine, as she discovered that her grandson Ryan had been visiting his biological father Tommy in prison. He had been behind bars for countless evil acts, but the plot point running through all three of the series has been that he raped Ryan's mother, who then killed herself just weeks after Ryan's birth.

When Tommy managed to escape from prison two episodes ago, everything was set up for a final showdown between him and Catherine, and that's exactly what fans got.


It was a quite simply jaw-dropping episode that has gone straight into the list of all-time great finales.

The kitchen scene between Lancashire and Norton's characters, which culminated in a grisly end for the monstrous Tommy, is probably already one of the greatest TV moments we will get in 2023.



Whilst Norton will rightly get endless plaudits for his portrayal of one of the evilest characters we've seen on TV in the last decade, Lancashire was a tour de force throughout.

When the credits rolled on Sunday, viewers were left in awe of her performance, and fans were quick to voice their admiration for the actress.


There was also huge praise for the series' creator, director and writer Sally Wainwright, as well as for Siobhan Finneran who has starred as Catherine's sister since the show's beginning.

Several suggested that Happy Valley may have proven TV executives wrong across the UK by being a proudly female-led, Northern-based series that was still one of the grittiest and darkest shows around.

Lancashire already has a number of awards to her name for her performance in Happy Valley, having picked up the BAFTA for Best Actress in 2017.

It seems a pretty safe bet that we will be seeing her make a few more acceptance speeches this year.

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