The makers of Get Out and Insidious are totally up for making a scary movie about the Hellfire Club 3 years ago

The makers of Get Out and Insidious are totally up for making a scary movie about the Hellfire Club

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We might finally be getting a movie about the scariest place in Ireland.

Leigh Whannell knows horror, having either starred in, written, or directed (or sometimes all three) in the Saw and Insidious franchises.


In fact, the only man who might know horror more than him right now is producer Jason Blum, of the iconic Blumhouse production company. He's been nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars three times already - Get Out, Whiplash, and BlackKklansman - but he's also involved in such modern creepy classics as Us, Halloween, The Purge, Unfriended, Creep, Split, Sinister and Paranormal Activity.

Together, with Whannell as writer and director and Blum as producer, they're bringing us the modern take on The Invisible Man and JOE was lucky enough to sit down with them both to chat at length about that movie.

But on top of talking about putting together scary movies with intelligent subtexts, we also had to pitch them an idea about making a movie about the Hellfire Club. Once we list off the highlights - satanic rituals, orgies, now super haunted - they were fully on board.

"Orgies? Even better for Jason!" Whannel jokes.


"We've gotta get right to work!" Blum exclaims. "And when I say "we gotta get right to work", that means Leigh has gotta get right to work."

Also, when the conversation turned to horror getting more Oscar attention, Blum thinks he may have had a hand in the recent wins at the Academy Awards:

"Yeah, I think Parasite winning is real evidence of that. And I really feel like Parasite winning is... I feel like Get Out kind of seeded the ground, it let the Academy say 'Okay, it is okay to recognise genre film-making with Academy Awards', and I feel like it did a lot of the leg-work for Parasite, which I think is terrific."

Check out our interview in full right here:


JOE also chatted to The Invisible Man's leading lady Elisabeth Moss, which you can see here, as well as The Invisible Man himself, the surprisingly visible Oliver Jackson-Cohen, which you can check out here.

The Invisible Man arrives in Irish cinemas on Friday 28 February. Check out the trailer right here.


Clip via Universal Pictures Ireland

Main image via Wikimedia/Kevin Forkan

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