Here are just some of the many reasons why Samuel L. Jackson is the coolest motherf***er alive 7 years ago

Here are just some of the many reasons why Samuel L. Jackson is the coolest motherf***er alive

"Oh I'm sorry did I break your concentration?"...

One of JOE's favourite films of all time, Snakes on a Plane, is eight years old this week and to celebrate we have decided to take a look at what makes Samuel L. Jackson just so motherf#*ing cool.


To be honest, it was hard to summarise just how awesome the man is with just a  few points.

His voice can make anything sound amazing

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He is a Bohemians fan

Samuel L Jackson Bohemians

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No one drops the 'F-Bomb' quite like him


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Jackson was an usher at Martin Luher King Jr's funeral

The man really loves golf


Apparently he has a clause written into his movie contracts that says he must be given two days off a week to play golf.


His box-office figures are staggering

According to the Guinness Book Of World Records, he’s earned $7.42 billion in his career. Wow!

Jackson doesn't suffer fools lightly


After enduring a cringe worthy interview KTLA’s entertainment correspondent Sam Rubin, who thought Samuel L. Jackson was in fact Laurence Fishburne, this is how the great man reacted in his next round of interviews for Captain America 2.

Samuel L Jackson Captain America

One of his earliest roles in Coming to America was instantly memorable

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This lightsaber story from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

George Lucas explained that lightsabers could only always be two colours: red for the Sith and green for the Jedi.

Samuel L. Jackson managed to convince Lucas that his lighsaber should be purple and have the letters BMF (“Bad Motherfu'*er”) inscribed on it.

It seems that he really likes Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor Jackson

He helps raise money to fund charities that fight Alzheimer's disease and  testicular cancer

No one delivers a monologue quite like him

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This Snakes on a Plane story

He threatened to boycott the movie when the producers tried to change the title to Pacific Flight 121. In a word, hero.