Here's what Maura Higgins will be doing on her new TV role 1 year ago

Here's what Maura Higgins will be doing on her new TV role

She's staying close to home. Delighted for her.

Despite the fact that it was Limerick's Greg O'Shea and his partner Amber Gill that won this year's Love Island, it's arguable that Longford's Maura Higgins was the real winner because her open and honest personality made her a massive hit with viewers.


Hell, she single-handedly managed to make 'fanny flutters' the go-to phrase of the summer, so, there's that.

Truth be told, the moment when she tore Tom apart was the highlight of the show and her arrival into the villa really did inject a new sense of energy, fun, and drama.

That's why we weren't surprised to learn that she was offered a few TV deals and in a recent interview on This Morning, Higgins elaborated on what she'll be doing for the show.

Well, it turns out that you might just get to see Maura in her new role because she'll be travelling around Ireland in a segment called 'Maura's Love Ireland' which will feature on the popular breakfast show.

"I'm going to be exploring Ireland and showing the viewers why Ireland is such an amazing country to visit because there's so much to do. It's beautiful. Even though we have a lot of bad weather, it's still amazing," she said during a recent appearance alongside Curtis Pritchard.

Aside from this, the lady from Longford will also he partaking in a relationship Q&A where This Morning viewers can send in their romantic queries for her to answer and she got to experience her first day as an agony aunt too.

As for her immediate future, Maura will be appearing on this week's Late Late Show.


You can view her whole interview with This Morning here.

Here's Maura getting to grips with her new role as a relationship advisor too.

Best of luck to her.


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