Homes Under The Hammer had an unexpected tribute to Father Ted this week 2 years ago

Homes Under The Hammer had an unexpected tribute to Father Ted this week

"Where are you going, with your fetlocks blowing..."

Homes Under The Hammer is your standard, banal daytime TV property show. Presented in part by former England footballer Dion Dublin, it follows houses that are bought at auction, and the people that do them up. The Wire, it is not, but if you are pulling a sickie or bunking off school, it is perfectly watchable background television.


Because they churn out so many episodes of these sorts of shows - there's been over 1,200 since 2003 - each one follows the same basic formula. For instance, there is usually a little montage when they look around the property, with an appropriate song.

However, on the episode that aired on Wednesday morning, the song of choice was rather, well, unexpected. The song is often vaguely related to what has been happening in that episode, and just before the music comes in, the couple buying the property had been talking about owning a lot of horses.

And then this happened:

Yes, that is 'My Lovely Horse' from Father Ted. In the classic episode A Song For Europe, Ted and Dougal end up writing Ireland's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest - and come up with this timeless ode to a four-legged friend.

Clip via Hat Trick

In real life, 'My Lovely Horse' was written by Neil Hannon of indie group The Divine Comedy.


The Homes Under The Hammer team have form for these on-the-nose music choices though - here is a clip of Dave Gorman highlighting a few of there other best needle-drops.

Clip via UKTV