QUESTION: Which horror movies do you think should be remade? 4 years ago

QUESTION: Which horror movies do you think should be remade?

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Some classic horrors should NEVER be remade. But some definitely call for a re-do.

The list of horror movies that have eventually been remade is probably longer than the list of movies that haven't.


Dawn Of The Dead, The Ring, The Thing, The Fly, The Crazies, The Hills Have Eyes, Evil Dead, The Grudge, Let Me In, Halloween... we could go on and on. And on.

But there are also, obviously, some scary movies that are so incredibly good that the idea of remaking them makes our skin crawl.

We're talking about The Exorcist, Jaws, The Shining, Alien, The Silence Of The Lambs... y'know, the BIGGIES.

But, with that in mind, and off the back of the hugely popular IT Chapter One and this week's big screen release IT Chapter Two, it is clear that some horror movies do deserve the remake treatment.


So the gang on JOE's movie show this week each picked one movie that they thought could be improved upon if modern filmmakers gave it another go.

(Jump to 03:17 in the video below to hear The Big Reviewski gang debate their picks)

Now, as you may have noticed, some of The Big Reviewski crew are not fans of scary movies, which is why, for example, the scariest movie Justine could think of was Beetlejuice.


Additionally, Paul went with the horror-comedy route, picking Gremlins rip-off Critters, which has had so many sequels over the years that it does seem odd that nobody has bothered to remake it yet.

However, despite being a bit of a scaredy-cat, Eoghan actually did go for a proper classic scary movie: Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. His argument that the photo-realistic animals in the likes of The Lion King and Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes meant that the cast probably wouldn't have to act with real birds in the remake, which can only be a good thing.

And finally, Rory went with a movie that was already kind of a remake, as it was an adaptation of hit video game series Silent Hill. Considering the games were properly horrifying, all that Hollywood would really need to do is get in the right director (we're looking at you, David Cronenberg) and the rest should be an open goal.

So... tell us what horror movies do you reckon deserve to get another go on the big screen? Tweet us your answers directly here and we'll read out the best ones on next week's show!


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