A horror from some of the team behind Succession and 4 more big trailers you might have missed this week 2 months ago

A horror from some of the team behind Succession and 4 more big trailers you might have missed this week

Like Succession, the horror takes place in the world of the wealthy.

Welcome back once again to JOE's trailer column.


This is where we compile the best movie and TV trailers released in the past week for your viewing pleasure.

Without further ado, let's get into the best offerings of the past seven days.

The Menu


Clip via Searchlight Pictures UK

Kicking off with movies, this week we got a trailer for The Menu, a new horror produced by Adam McKay and directed by Mark Mylod, both of whom are producers on and helmed episodes of hit drama Succession.

Their new project follows a young couple (Anya-Taylor Joy and Nicholas Hoult) who travel to a remote island to eat at an exclusive restaurant.

However, upon arrival, they come to learn that the mysterious chef (Ralph Fiennes) and his team's lavish menu contains some shocking surprises.


Like Succession, The Menu is sure to be another scathing critique of the world of the wealthy when it arrives in Irish cinemas on 18 November.


Clip via Walt Disney Studios


Having worked on a number of projects together - including Cast Away and Forrest Gump - actor Tom Hawks and director Robert Zemeckis are reteaming once again for this live-action remake of Walt Disney's 1940 animated movie Pinocchio.

Hanks will be playing Geppetto in the adaptation, the kindhearted but lonely toymaker who builds and raises the title puppet that comes to life, with the cast also including Cynthia Erivo, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Keegan-Michael Key and Luke Evans.

One of two Pinocchio films set for release in 2022 - the other being an animated take for Netflix from Guillermo del Toro - the Hanks and Zemeckis version will land on Disney+ on 8 September.

The Man From Toronto


Clip via Netflix

This new Netflix blockbuster follows an ordinary man (Kevin Hart) who is forced to team up with the world's deadliest assassin (Woody Harrelson) after the two are confused for one another while staying at an Airbnb.

An action-comedy from the director of The Hitman's Bodyguard, The Man from Toronto lands on Netflix on 24 June.

The Princess

Clip via 20th Century Studios

This fantasy action-comedy tells the story of a young and strong-willed princess (Joey King) who, after refusing to wed a cruel sociopath (Dominic Cooper), is kidnapped and locked in a remote tower.

With her vindictive suitor now intent on taking her father's throne, the princess must fight to protect her family and save her kingdom.

Set to Joan Jett & The Blackheart's 'Bad Reputation', The Princess' trailer makes it look like it will be a very entertaining watch, blending classic fairy tale tropes with bone-crunching action set pieces.

It arrives in Ireland on Disney+ on 1 July.

Irma Vep

Clip via HBO

And last but not least, we move on to TV with Irma Vep, its title an anagram for "vampire".

This HBO drama-thriller series follows an American actress named Mira (Alicia Vikander) who is disillusioned with her career and heads to France to star in a remake of an old horror film.

"Set against the backdrop of a lurid crime thriller, Mira struggles as the distinctions between herself and the character she plays begin to blur and merge," the plot synopsis reads.

Itself a remake of an acclaimed 1996 French film, you can expect plenty of fun meta-commentary about the movie industry within the eight-part series when it lands in Ireland sometime after its US premiere on 6 June.