Time to get scared – the full line-up for 2022's Horrorthon has been unleashed 11 months ago

Time to get scared – the full line-up for 2022's Horrorthon has been unleashed

Classic horror movies, critically acclaimed new scares, and plenty more things that go bump in the cinematic night...

We're five days into October and this writer has watched – checks notes – eight scary movies so far in honour of the season that people increasingly refer to as especially spooky.


Nine scary movies if you count Blonde, by the way. I guess it's meant to be a horror? But, I digress. You're here for the good stuff – the unveiling of one of Ireland's most popular scare-packed events; the annual Horrorthon.

A beloved terrifying tradition, the Horrorthon returns to Dublin's Irish Film Institute from 27 – 31 October, with a host of movies – Irish and international – designed to make you cling to your cinema seat for dear life.

Highlights this year include the forthcoming Barbarian, which enjoyed a good run at the US box office recently and currently boasts a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a handful of giallo master Dario Argento classics including Suspiria, OperaInferno and Tenebrae, a 4K restoration of cult favourite Dog Soldiers, and a documentary on the many big screen adaptations of Stephen King.

Tickets cost €11.50 for IFI Members and €13 for non-members. Multi-film passes are available from the IFI Box Office, in-person or over the phone. Horror fans can opt for a five-film pass for €50, a 10-film pass for €90 or a full five-day pass for €150. Early bird five-day are available at €120 until Monday, 10 October.


As for the full line-up, well, it looks like this:


Barbarian (18.30)

Dario Argento's Suspiria - 45th anniversary (20.45)


Super Z (22.45)


Dario Argento's Opera - 35th anniversary (13.10)

The Last Client (15.15)


Deer Camp '86 (17.10)

Huesera (19.00)

H4Z4RD (21.00)

Double Bill: Dog Soldiers 4K restoration / 20th anniversary + Stephen King's Silver Bullet (22.50)

Double Bill: Dario Argento's Inferno + The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (22.50)


Double Bill: The Ones You Didn't Burn + The Quantum Devil (23.15)


Cat People - 40th anniversary (12.50)

Cult of VHS (15.10)

Satanic Hispanics (17.00)

Candy Land (19.10)

Pussycake + short film Oldtimers  (21.00)

Cult Hero (23.00)

Dario Argento's Tenebrae - 40th anniversary (23.00)

Eating Miss Campbell (23.15)


Dark Nature (13.00)

The Outwaters (14.45)

Final Cut (16.45)

The Leech (19.00)

The Lake (20.50)

Something in the Dirt (22.50)

Innocent Blood - 30th anniversary/35mm with an exclusive short video introduction by Director John Landis (23.00)

Daddy's Girl (23.10)


Short Film Showcase (13.00)

King on Screen (15.00)

Mad Heidi (17.00)

Everybody Dies by the End (19.00)

Do Not Disturb (20.50)