"Horseshit!": Here’s the real reason why Avengers director Joss Whedon quit Twitter 6 years ago

"Horseshit!": Here’s the real reason why Avengers director Joss Whedon quit Twitter

It has been a strange week in the life of Joss Whedon.

You might think that Whedon would be having an enjoyable week after the news that Avengers: Age of Ultron has raked in a whopping $663,999,664 worldwide since opening and is well on its way to breaking $1 billion.


However, earlier this week, Monday to be precise, Whedon decided to quit Twitter and there has since been a lot of speculation as to why.

Some suggested it was because of angry backlash from feminists over an apparent rape joke that appears the latest Avengers movie.

However, Whedon has since spoken to BuzzFeed calling those reports, “horseshit”.

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Whedon said, “I just thought, ‘Wait a minute, if I’m going to start writing again, I have to go to the quiet place, and [Twitter] is the least quiet place I’ve ever been in my life’.

“I saw a lot of people say, ‘Well, the social justice warriors destroyed one of their own!’ It’s like, Nope. That didn’t happen.

“I have been attacked by militant feminists since I got on Twitter. That’s something I’m used to.

“Every breed of feminism is attacking every other breed, and every subsection of liberalism is always busy attacking another subsection of liberalism, because god forbid they should all band together and actually fight for the cause.”



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