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22nd Jun 2018

Netflix release the first trailer for tense apocalypse action thriller How It Ends

Rory Cashin

It is very much the end of the world as we know it.

We will never not be fascinated by the apocalypse.

Probably because it is a constantly underlying fear for every generation that they’ll find themselves right in the midst of it, but TV and cinema can’t seem to get enough of it.

Which brings us to new Netflix exclusive movie How It Ends, which gives us a new angle on how humanity might be facing its end.

Will (Theo James – Divergent) is in Los Angeles on business, and while he’s there he meets up with Tom (Forest Whitaker – Black Panther), the father of Will’s girlfriend, to ask for his permission to marry her.

Unfortunately, Tom doesn’t like Will, which is made doubly awkward when a sudden catastrophic event takes place, and the two men are forced to work together to get across the 2,000 miles of destroyed America to get back to the woman that they both love.

Apparently, off the back of this movie, the writer was offered the job of scripting the new Rambo movie, while the director has been offered to helm the remake of iconic horror movie Jacob’s Ladder.

Netflix have released the first action-packed trailer, which seems to show off the epic action set pieces you’d expect from an apocalyptic thriller, mixed with some of the more intense claustrophobic moments you’d find in the likes of the more low-key end-of-the-world movies like The Road or Right At Your Door.

Check out the trailer below before it arrives on the streaming service from Friday 13 July.

Clip via Netflix

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