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25th May 2019

There was a huge reaction to Jonathan Walters’ emotional interview on The Late Late Show

Rory Cashin

jonathan walters

The ex-Irish footballer has received a huge outpouring of support from viewers.

Friday night’s The Late Late Show proved to be a massively emotional one, following an interview with Jonathan Walters, who opened up to Tubridy on the couch about his mother’s death, as well as some more recent tragic incidents that have struck his family.

Walters, who played for the Republic Of Ireland team from 2010 to 2018, became very emotional while discussing his personal life, and that public display of emotion is one that struck viewers as a display of pure strength.

The fact that these tragedies occurred, and Walters wanted to emotionally discuss them on television, to let other people know that the worst things can happen but it is still possible to power through, is a hugely important one.

As Walters himself says, talking about the passing of his mother was seen as a “taboo” subject, most likely because it was viewed as being “too emotional” for men to openly discuss.

Thankfully, with men like Walters and others no longer being afraid to show their hearts on their sleeves, that taboo is being broken.

Watch the powerful clip here:

Clip viaΒ The Late Late Show

Following on from the interview, the internet lit up with a huge outpouring of emotional support for the Walters:

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