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05th Jan 2024

True crime series that left viewers ‘too scared to sleep’ arriving on Netflix this weekend

Stephen Porzio

i am a stalker

Several viewers have said they had trouble sleeping after watching the documentary series.

Netflix is adding a shocking true crime documentary series to its library this weekend.

Titled I Am a Stalker, the show comes from the makers of I Am a Killer and sees “convicted stalkers tell us, in their own chilling words, how love turned into deadly obsession in face first, captivating in-depth interviews.”

True crime series I Am a Stalker is arriving on Netflix this weekend

The plot synopsis reads:

“I Am A Stalker takes viewers inside the minds of eight individuals with a history of being stalkers.

“The perpetrators will tell their story from their perspective in a thought-provoking, and emotionally confrontational style that also features first person testimony from their courageous victims who survived these shocking crimes.

“The series covers a variety of stalking cases, from disgruntled exes and co-workers infatuated with their colleagues, to virtual strangers.”

Comprising of eight episodes, the show premiered last year on Netflix in the US but in the UK aired on the channel Crime + Investigation.

And many of those who saw it then have said it made for a chilling watch.

I Am a Stalker will arrive on Netflix in Ireland and the UK on Sunday, 7 January.

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