In Bruges director will be making his next film in Ireland and the plot sounds great 1 month ago

In Bruges director will be making his next film in Ireland and the plot sounds great

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The Oscar-winner has previously said that he wants to reunite Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson. Here's hoping...

Martin McDonagh is a man that likes to take his time. After winning an Oscar for his short film Six Shooter, he waited four years to make his feature-length debut with the superb In Bruges.

To put things into perspective, he'd more like Ken than Ray. Then again, Colin Farrell's character is prone to "throwing a fucking moody, like a five year old who's dropped all his sweets."

After his wonderful tale of hitmen that are seeking redemption became a modern classic, McDonagh followed it up wit Seven Psychopaths (2012) and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) which picked up two Oscars.

Well, given the love for In Bruges and the fact that Gleeson has worked with John Michael McDonagh - Martin's brother - twice before on The Guard and Calvary, the clamour to get Gleeson and Farrell back together is massive.

Well, Variety are reporting that McDonagh's is developing an untitled feature film about a friendship gone sour in Ireland.

At present, a cast has not been set but production is set to begin this year.

In terms of synopsis, Variety states that: "The movie follows two lifelong pals on a remote Irish isle. At an impasse, one abruptly ends the friendship, resulting in alarming consequences for both."

Before filming starts, McDonagh’s play Hangmen, about the second-best executioner in Britain, will debut on Broadway, opening on March 19. After hearing the plot to this one, we're instantly reminded of his work on stage, mainly the Leenane and Aran Islands trilogies.

In an interview to promote the release of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, McDonagh was happy to talk with our own Rory Cashin about plans to reunite the Irish actors.

"I want to get Colin and Brendan back together as soon as possible. I'm sort of working on something at the moment towards that end," he confirmed.

Granted, we're not sure if this new project will reunite Gleeson and Farrell, but we live in hope.

Hell, even if McDonagh's next film doesn't mark an In Bruges reunion, it's still going to be great because the director has a knack of getting great performances from his cast.

There's still no word if they'll be filming midgets though.

Take a look at what Gleeson, Farrell and McDonagh had to say about the chance of working again together.

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