The incredibly emotional finale to Friday Night Lights is on TG4 tonight 2 years ago

The incredibly emotional finale to Friday Night Lights is on TG4 tonight

Texas Forever.

When Coach Taylor crossed the divide and took over the East Dillon Lions, viewers of Friday Night Lights instantly knew the size of the job on his hands.


However, as Billy Riggins once said, the key strength of Eric Taylor isn't his godlike ability to coach successful football teams, it's his ability as "a moulder of men."

Part father figure, part drill sergeant, part sage advisor and part God, there's a reason why every single person that played under Coach Taylor will go to hell and back for him.

It could be argued that Vince Howard is the finest example of just that.

Played to perfection by the talented Michael B. Jordan, when we first meet Vince, he's handcuffed and being escorted to football practice by the police. To most people, Vince is a lost cause and a degenerate with no future.

However, where some people see problems, Coach Taylor sees opportunity.

That's not to say that Vince's journey to the State final didn't have its bumps.

Gangs, gun violence, socio-economic poverty, a selfish father, the turmoil of college scholarships, and a mother with addiction issues were all obstacles in the way of the young quarterback.


However, standing in Vince's corner was Eric Taylor, always.

In the season finale of Friday Night Lights, aptly titled Always, there's a wonderful moment that takes place in the changing room of the East Dillon Lions before the game starts.

Silence engulfs the room and there's a tangible sense of nerves in the air because everything in the Texas high school football season has come down to this one game. However, Friday Night Lights was never just about football and in Vince's case, that statement rings true the most.

It's rare that 15 words have ever had this much power.

Coach Taylor: You may never know how proud I am of you.


Vince Howard: You changed my life, Coach.

In some ways, the result on the field was inconsequential to the impact that Coach Taylor had on the lives of these young men, but that's not even the moment that stayed with us the most.

What could top that speech, you ask?

This look, this one small look that says so much.


Contemplating one of the biggest games in his career, Coach Taylor turns to the stands and sees his wife Tami.

Always supporting, always on his side, always a team.

The series finale of Friday Night Lights, Always, airs at 12.05am on TG4.

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