Ireland adores Leitrim hurler Zak Moradi on Tommy Tiernan show 1 year ago

Ireland adores Leitrim hurler Zak Moradi on Tommy Tiernan show

An amazing story and an amazing interview.

The Tommy Tiernan Show seems to capture the eyes of the nation every time it airs, and this week it was no different.


While he interviewed Mary Coughlan and Senator Eileen Flynn on last night's episode, it was hurling player Zak Moradi that stole the show on Saturday.

Moradi grew up in Iraq in a Kurdish family but when he was 11 years old his family fled to Leitrim.

Soccer was his first love when he arrived in Ireland, but he soon learned that he was more than capable with a hurl in his hand, and he hasn't looked back since.

He told Tommy Tiernan about his story, discussing how welcoming the people of Leitrim were when he and his family arrived.


He spoke about how he travelled from Iraq to Oman to Frankfurt, before finally making it to Limerick, where his "life began".

"Life begins in Leitrim, that's the county motto", Tiernan said in response.

Moradi also spoke about how positively the GAA affected his life, with him even travelling back to Leitrim for hurling training after he and his mother moved to Tallaght.



Dozens of people took to social media to praise the interview, and Moradi's attitude in general.