Two of Ireland's most exciting young actors need your help 5 years ago

Two of Ireland's most exciting young actors need your help

Your country needs you for screenwriting.

Are you involved in the screenwriting business but you're finding it hard to get any gigs?


Well, the luck train has just rolled into town because two of Ireland's finest actors Barry Keoghan and Jack Reynor need your help.

Jack Reynor took to Twitter to post the job spec for his and Keoghan's newest employment idea and applying is extremely easy...


There are two tweets from Reynor's account. The first reads: "Hey people, Barry Keoghan and I are putting together a short film project. Needing budding Irish screenwriters input."

It was then followed by a second tweet which read "Anyone who's interested in coming on board please send a short sample of your work to Thanks."


The details don't just stop at screenwriter. One interested Twitter user asked Reynor if he would need music on this new project to which the actor replied: 'I've definitely got one script I've written that I'll be running by your good self! Would be amazing to collaborate on something together!"

Reynor added: "We've come up with a pretty cool idea for a very unique style of production! It's gonna be exciting! Needing someone to pen a short script!"

He also saved Keoghan the hassle of having to deal with all the tweets and replies by putting the tweet up on his own page and Keoghan was thankful.