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18th Oct 2022

One cinema in Dublin is showing a Jackass movie marathon

Hugh Carr

jackass marathon Dublin

Not for those with a weak stomach.

If you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough. This is the mantra of the Jackass crew, who have been causing mayhem to themselves and others since the dawn of the new millennium.

The first film will be 20 years old next week (don’t worry, we feel old too), and so to celebrate, one cinema in Dublin is putting on the mother of all marathons.

Lighthouse Cinema will be showing all four of the mainline Jackass movies on Saturday, 26 November.

This includes the critically acclaimed Jackass Forever which was released this year, where it remains one of the most beloved movies of 2022.

Here’s the synopsis from Lighthouse Cinema:

Hi, we’re the Light House Cinema, welcome to the Jackass Marathon. Join us on Saturday, 26 November, for a full day of tomfoolery, shenanigans and most importantly, brotherhood. Come and see Bunny the Lifeguard, Irving Zisman, Wee Man, Preston Lacy, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, Danger Ehren, Dave England and Steve-o tear each other apart with skateboards, mouse traps and tasers and then rebuild each other through their genuine love for each other. Rejoice with a community of new friends as cameraman Lance Bangs can’t take it anymore and inevitably vomits everywhere. If you’re gonna be dumb you better be tough, it’s time to put that to the test.

On a personal note, as someone who saw the latest Jackass film twice in the cinema, there is really no better way to experience the madness than with a group of friends who are just as sadistic as yourself.

But be warned; these films are not for those with a weak constitution, so if you’re in any way concerned, maybe pack a sick bag with you before you head in.

Tickets for the Jackass marathon are available now from the Lighthouse Cinema website.

Now, high five.

Clip via Movieclips

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