'He ended up with somebody's poop on him!' - Jackass stars recall their trip to Ireland 2 years ago

'He ended up with somebody's poop on him!' - Jackass stars recall their trip to Ireland

The Jackass crew are reuniting for a new movie for the first time in over a decade.

Believe it or not, it has been TWELVE YEARS since the last Jackass movie.


Released in 2010, Jackass 3D was another box office hit ($171 million from a $20 million budget) for the series, but was considered at the time to be the final outing for the gang.

Jump forward to 2022, Jackass Forever is about to arrive in cinemas, and JOE had the opportunity to chat to two of the franchise's biggest stars, Johnny Knoxville and Chris Pontius.

You can check out the full interview right here:


During the chat, this interviewer mentioned that back in 2010, I happened to be an employee in the cinema where the Irish premiere for Jackass 3D was being held, and not only that, managed to blag a ticket to the movie's afterparty.

Without getting into too much detail, it was a crazy night, but we had to ask the Jackass stars if they had any outstanding memories of their visit here. Turns out, they absolutely did...

"Wait, is that the night Bam [Margera] and I got into a fight?" Knoxville asked Pontius, recalling the visit.

"Yeah, I think you guys did!" Pontius confirms.


Knoxville continues: "Yeah, I believe so. We were at dinner and Bam was loaded. He got mad over something and he started going after Spike [Jonze, Oscar-winning director who also happens to be a producer of Jackass] about something. And so I didn't like that, so we got into a fight and started rolling around on the floor. Bam got very upset afterwards and wrote all over my hotel door. He misspelled about half the insults he wrote."

Pontius recalls this too, adding: "I saw a picture of a really badly misspelled insult note."

Knoxville continues: "We love Ireland. We always have a ball in Ireland. I always feel lucky to be there. I love the people. I love the country. So-"

Pontius suddenly interrupts, with the greatest interruption of all time: "I think Preston [Lacy] ended up with somebody else's poop on him."


Jackass Forever is back in Ireland (but just the cinemas, for now) on Friday, 4 February. Check out the full trailer below:

Clip via Paramount UK