James McAvoy wants you to be terrified of any Irish person called Mary 4 years ago

James McAvoy wants you to be terrified of any Irish person called Mary

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You definitely know a scary Mary that fits the bill.

Get enough people together in a room and you're bound to meet an Irish person. Well, the same logic applies to James McAvoy's character in Split and Glass because, as film fans will know, the talented actor plays a character diagnosed with 24 different personalities.


There's the matriarchal, stern, and oddly sexualised Patricia. Compare this with the naive, childish, and Kanye West-loving persona of Hedwig. Throughout Split, McAvoy demonstrated his remarkable range and talent as he also brought us the flamboyant fashion designer Barry, the psychotic Dennis, the flirtatious Jade, and most importantly, The Beast.

McAvoy's stunning performance was a big reason why M. Night Shyamalan's film proved to be such a hit at the box office and rather than tone it down, the Scottish actor has added a few more alter egos to his character's psyche.

In the trailer for Glass, we got a brief look at the new Irish alter ego that Kevin Wendell Crumb was going to unveil, Mary Reynolds.

Without giving too much away, the scene where she's unveiled is arguably the best thing in the film as McAvoy effortlessly switches between character - this author lost count of the amount of personas he was playing.


Anyway, when JOE caught up with the star of X-Men and Wanted, we had to ask him about the inspiration for creating the evil Mary Reynolds.

"When I saw the name Mary Reynolds, I was like 'I don't know why that sounds Irish?' Mary sounds Irish, but I was like, I'm going to make her Irish. I'm going to make them Irish twins. I can't remember what the guy sounded like. I remember that Mary had a really high-pitched and nasally voice."

When JOE asked the talented actor if he was channelling his good friend Michael Fassbender's Kerry accent, he said: "Michael has a real hard accent though. It's Kerry but he's so unique a guy. His accent is so interesting."

McAvoy also explained his process for switching between the various characters he plays in the film and which member of The Horde would he 1) like to go for a pint with, and 2) which character would he like to see nominated for an Oscar - if he could choose one.


Take a look...

Fans of Unbreakable and Split don't have to wait much longer because Glass is set for release in Irish cinemas on 18 January.

Here's a taste of what's in store.



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