Snooker legend Jimmy White praised following Tommy Tiernan interview 1 year ago

Snooker legend Jimmy White praised following Tommy Tiernan interview

The 59-year-old hopes to win the World Championship in the next three years.

Snooker legend Jimmy White has been praised for his open discussion of addiction on the Tommy Tiernan Show on Saturday (12 February).


White was the first guest on Saturday night's show to speak to Tommy, a huge snooker fan.

When asked about his health, White spoke candidly about his sobriety.

"I've been trying to stop drinking for about 25 years, but I'd say about six years now," Jimmy said.

"I get up at half 11 in the morning instead of going to bed at half 11 in the morning."


White said that sobriety, along with age, has helped improve his technique.

He discussed his plan to win the World Championship for the first time ever.

White made the final six times in his 42-year career, but is yet to win one.

"If I didn't think I couldn't do it, I wouldn't play, but I can still do it, I can still make 147s," he said.


White practices every morning and plans on doing so for the next three years in aid of his World Championship attempt.

"People are like 'you're crazy' but I know I'm not, and I know I've got an unbelievable chance, I'm not putting myself under pressure when I say that, because it's my belief," White said.

"It might be a blessing in disguise for me that not to have won the World Championship, because I was a bit, I can say, I was a bit out of control."

When pressed on the subject, White discussed seeking assistance for his several addictions, including attending services to assist with gambling and narcotics.


"My problem was I was always a drinker, that was my real addiction was alcohol. It was where I come from, if you have money you should be drinking, which is really bizarre.

"And then I found cocaine when I was early 20s, and all of a sudden, with the cocaine, I found that I could have a bit of cocaine and all of a sudden, I'm sober again.

"So I could go get changed and dressed and maybe go out with different people so I could go and do it again.

"All the time I was wrecking my body, because there was enormous amounts of drink going.

"That was the devil for me, the drink."


White said that facing his problems and people he may have affected over the years was instrumental to his recovery.

Jimmy got the last laugh from Tommy at the end of the interview, when Tiernan said it was a pleasure to meet him, and White replied they had met before.

"Maybe when we was drinking," he quipped.

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this story, support is available. You can contact the HSE Drugs and Alcohol helpline at 1800 459 459, or you can email