EXCLUSIVE: Check out the first trailer for Inside The Mind Of The Fist 8 years ago EXCLUSIVE: Check out the first trailer for Inside The Mind Of The Fist

It's exciting times ahead here at as we've teamed up with none other than Hardy Buck and Mayo funny man, Owen Colgan, for a new six-part web series about the man who Joe Rogan (supposedly) described as "the best self-defence expert on the planet right now."


Instead of letting JOE prattle on about this living legend known as Master Truth though, why not let the man himself tell you all about, well, the man himself.

JOE managed to drag him away from expertly defending himself and those around him for just long enough so that he could fill us in on the real man behind those magnificent moves...

"What if I told you I could save your life? Would you trust me? Could you look into my eyes and say “Yes, show me your ways."

Hello, I'm Master Truth.


A five-time world war self-defence guru and two-time indoor fist blocker. We live in a world filled with danger.

If it's not terrorists causing a stir, it's fat hooligans chasing you down the street looking to cause trouble.

Answer me this (in your mind, not out loud) – What would you do if a wide brute cornered you with a gun and pointed it to your face? Would you stand there like a useless weak anthropoid?

What if he asked you for your wallet? What you hand it over like some sort of abiding gibbon?


That's where I come in.

My name is not important. Not unless you're a cop calling to my house at 4 in the morning because the neighbour complained of beast noises coming from my home (I was never convicted).

I am a master of self-defence. A self-defence master if you will. Years of training was never needed by me. "A natural talent" my father called it.

I'm here today to teach you the way of the mind. As they say, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”


Try telling that to a nerd when he gets attacked by a gang of hard men from Japan brandishing Samurai swords? I don't even want to imagine where that pen might end up.

Defending against a weapon is one of the most important life skills you should know. As dangerous as the sword is, the ultimate weapon of choice is the Gun. Take a look at my video and learn some hidden secrets, so hidden even Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry never knew about them."

So there you have it fightin' fans, stern words from an even sterner man.

To whet your appetite ahead of the upcoming first episode, check out the series promo in all of its glory.