JOE looks at 10 of the best soundtracks from the '00s 8 years ago

JOE looks at 10 of the best soundtracks from the '00s

Was it really that long ago?

Following on from our look at some of the best songs that were used in 80's films and 90's films JOE has decided to get noughty.


No, we won't start cursing in our articles... unless you want us to? The noughties is still fresh in our memories because it provided us with some memorable musical moments.

Take a look...

High Fidelity

If it wasn't for Nick Hornby's seminal book about a record store owner who tries to find the answer to his romantic problems in music, then it's unlikely JOE would have developed our love of lists... just like this one.


Could you imagine a world like that. God, it's not even worth thinking about.

The book is brilliant, the movie kicks ass and the soundtrack is amazing.

Kill Bill


The master of the movie soundtrack took six years off between making Jackie Brown and Kill Bill: Volume 1 but his return was everything that we expected.

Cracking dialogue, gory violence and a memorable soundtrack. Don't ever leave us again Quentin.

24 Hour Party People


If you're going to make a film about Tony Wilson, the man that set up Factory Records and helped bring Manchester's music to the world, then the soundtrack better be good.

Luckily for us the music supervisor wasn't indulging in the Hacienda's 'charms' when he choose the films music.

The Sex Pistols, The Clash, New Order, Happy Mondays and Joy Division feature prominently but we will always have a soft spot for this classic.

Garden State


We really hope that The Shins gave Zach Braff some money after his film helped launched the band into the mainstream. Seriously, that scene is basically like a lad saying, "this band are great now go and buy their album."

Just because of that we won't be choosing any of the two tracks that the James Mercer led group provided because they don't need any more coverage.

No harm done because any soundtrack that features the likes of Nick Drake, Zero 7 and this old favourite is cool with us.

Almost Famous

Apparently this film was based on Cameron Crowe's own experiences when he toured with Led Zeppelin.

It must have been nice to be him at that time.

O Brother,Where Art Thou?

The soundtrack that everyone bought in the noughties regardless if you like bluegrass/country music at all.

JOE frequently sticks on our stetson and has a hoedown... in private of course.

Be honest, you only got it for this track right?

About a Boy

If you like Badly Drawn Boy then you'll love this soundtrack. If you don't then you're out of luck because he sings every song on it.

FYI, this film taught us that there is a lot to be said for spending your afternoons watching Countdown and drinking beers.

And that little lad grew up to date Jennifer Lawrence, we instantly don't like him.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz teased us with some brilliant musical moments but the soundtrack to Scott Pilgrim is so good that it could probably beat up seven evil ex boyfriends all on its own.

Probably not though, that would involve CD's attacking humans and this isn't scheduled to happen until May 23, 2023.

The Life Aquatic

Who wants to hear some famous David Bowie songs covered by an unknown singer in Portuguese?

Trust us, somehow it manages to make perfect sense.


Do you want to know a secret? JOE has never heard this song before.

Don't judge us. It's not like it won an Oscar and was played in every single room that had walls, a roof and a radio for over 2 years.

Oh wait...

So what do you guys think? Let us know if there are some other favourites that we missed out on.